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The Importance Of Cable Protectors

These days, with the amount of electricity that is used in workplaces there is no denying that the number of cables running across the floor can get out of hand. Almost every business depends on cables for essentials like data and electricity, and the management of these cables is probably at the bottom of your to-do-list. 

When you’re running a business you will be splitting your time between important things like your employees, paperwork and budgets so, we can pretty much guarantee you won’t be worrying about small things like this. However, something as small as a cable running across the floor has the ability to cause numerous problems. Seltek Warehouse has put together a list of reasons why cable protectors are important and we can guarantee that it will change your mind about the urgency of this job. 

Health and safety 

This is probably the most obvious reason as to why cable protectors are a necessity. You can help prevent any cable-related liabilities by using rubber cable protectors. Cable protection solutions not only keep cables together and tidied away, reducing the risks of trips, but they also keep wires and cables free from water-damage or harmful chemicals that could cause fires or explosions and electrical shortages.

Save money 

It isn’t uncommon for companies to go through many cables/wires annually due to general wear and tear, but this can be easily avoided. Using a cable protector can extend the life of and maximise the performance of your cables. You won’t have to spend your time and valuable resources repairing and replacing existing equipment and cables when you simply use some form of protection. 


Lots of industries use equipment outdoors as well as indoors and will, therefore, have cables running outside too. Of course, exposed cables are vulnerable to extreme temperatures, bright sunshine, snow, and rain. The prolonged and direct exposure to these intense weather conditions can lead to premature ageing, splits and tears, frozen conduits, and also lots of water damage, which is never ideal. Any outside cable cover can prevent these issues.

Save time

There is nothing more frustrating and time-consuming that untangling cables or trying to differentiate between different cords. When you use lots of cables in one place it is incredibly easy for them to get mixed up and someone will be faced with the job of organising them. Using a cable protector for your cable management can easily solve this issue and save you time when it comes to looking for a particular cable. 

Better company image 

If you ever have customers or clients visit your premises then, of course, first impressions count in business. Having a cluttered or unorganised workspace is enough to put people off and is guaranteed to give a negative impression of your business. Something as easy as organising your cables and hiding them away under a protector will instantly tidy a space and make you look much more professional. 

Investing in cable protectors 

Ultimately, there are no negatives to investing in some cable protectors for your business premises and they can aid your working life in many ways. Once you have purchased them, it won’t take long to get your cables organised and protected, then you can go about your day as normal. Trust us when we say it will be worth it in the long run.

When searching for somewhere to purchase your cable protectors, visit the Seltek Warehouse website. You will find a huge range of heavy-duty cable protectors all in one place, all of which are suitable for numerous industries and uses so, there is a solution for everyone. If you require any assistance when purchasing your protectors, Seltek Warehouse will gladly assist you in this regard.