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Protective Equipment that your Warehouse Cannot do Without

Whenever you are responsible for a large number of employees, it is vital that you invest in products which can be used to protect them at all times. The importance of this is significantly heightened within industrial settings, purely due to the number of factors which pose a credible risk. Here at Seltek Warehouse, we are proud to have a keen understanding of the best protective equipment that should be implemented within warehouses – to educate yourself on this matter, all you need to do is continue reading.

Face Wash System

If yours is a company which frequently operates with hazardous substances, one of the first purchases that you should make is that of a face wash system. Should one of your employees be unfortunate enough to come into contact with irritating chemicals, there could be catastrophic results if left untreated. In order to try and prevent any lasting damage to their face, such as disfigurement and blindness, it is vital that they are able to use an emergency washing unit as soon as possible. Though not the most glamorous product, the manner in which it can safeguard worker’s health is second-to-none.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Anyone that has been in a manual labour position will testify to the tiredness which can easily set-in after having been on their feet for a long period of time. As such, it is not difficult to see why there has been extensive investment and research into ranges of anti-fatigue floor mats. For those of you that didn’t already know, these products are typically adorned by various rubber treads, which are designed to ensure that productivity does not fall towards the end of an employee’s shift. Were you to buy a rubber anti-fatigue mat, you will soon be able to witness the spike in your worker’s overall satisfaction.

Cable Protectors

For those of you that own a warehouse or similar industrial establishment, the chances are that you also have an array of heavy-duty machinery held within. These expensive pieces of equipment are likely to be crucial to your operations; as such, you will do all that you can to preserve their wellbeing. Therefore, it would be unwise to underestimate the importance of cable protectors. Their sole function is to prevent electrical cables from sustaining external damage – this could occur via excessive traffic or animal interference, and could be extremely detrimental to your proceedings.

Chemical Spill Kit

As mentioned previously, working in close-quarters with chemicals and other hazardous materials is a natural part of many warehouses; unfortunately, there are various risks attached to this. If a spill occurs within your property, it is important that you handle it using the appropriate equipment – first-and-foremost, you should look to deploy a chemical spill kit. Not only will this ensure that there is no lasting damage to your premises and other physical property, but also means that health and safety will not be compromised.

Seltek Warehouse – Who Are We?

Have you been wondering how anti-fatigue mats work, and why you should take the necessary step of installing them within your industrial facility? Are you searching for products which can efficiently-and-effectively deal with chemical oil spills, but so far have been unsuccessful in finding an appropriate solution? In case you have not worked with us in the past, allow us to introduce ourselves – we are Seltek Warehouse. Apart from being able to help those in the aforementioned scenarios, we are one of the leading providers of warehouse-related units. If you have a question about any of the products listed above, please feel free to use our website’s contact information to address the matter with a member of our team. 

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Which Drum Storage Method Should you Invest in?

Which Drum Storage Method Should you Invest in?

If you have spent any-amount of time within an industrial setting, you will likely be familiar with the number of drums which are utilised on a daily basis. These canisters are incredibly effective at housing hazardous substances, and have incredibly long lifespans. There are various storage methods which are available on the market – the issue is choosing one which caters to your company’s particular needs. Here to help you understand which product is right for you is the Seltek Warehouse team.

Drum Stand

There will undoubtedly be times that business is slow, and you are subsequently waiting for an order to be placed before mobilising your workforce. It is in circumstances such as these that purchasing a drum stand could be an incredibly prudent move. Whilst you have no need for the substances which are contained within these drums, it is unwise to leave them in places which are prone to accidents. Having a stainless steel stand means that potential spillages can be easily prevented.

Drum Truck

Should your operations revolve around the transporting of countless canisters within a short space of time, the likelihood is that you are searching for a transportation method which is efficient-and-effective. It is here that the relatively-simple drum truck is able to truly make a difference. These can be found in a variety of sizes, yet one thing remains a constant – the excessive weight limit. This means that regardless of the size and capacity of the drum which you are moving, you will be able to complete your journey with ease.

Drum Dolly

At first glance, you may be under the impression that drum dollies are unstable pieces of equipment which are unsuitable for deployment on the warehouse floor – this could not be further from the truth. Traditionally, these are equipped with four wheels which are all capable of swivelling in various directions. This offers a level of maneuverability that is seldom found in transportation units. Although they can only handle one unit at a time, these products are fantastic for those of you that perhaps move drums on a semi-regular basis.

Drip Tray

Whilst there will undoubtedly be some individuals that argue that this is not considered to be a storage method by definition, this by no-means reflect the important role that it plays when deployed. Drip trays are becoming an increasingly-popular product amongst warehouse owners, and it is not difficult to see why. In essence, these units are designed to ensure that should the worst happen, and if a drum were to rupture, the spillage will be contained. This prevents any aesthetic damage from occurring to the surrounding area; it should also be noted that it makes the clean up process significantly easier, which is something which won’t be begrudged by your employees.

How Can Seltek Warehouse Assist You?

Would you like to buy drum handling and storage accessories online, from a retailer which has extensive experience in this field? Do you own a factory or warehouse, and want to invest in the appropriate measures which will keep your workforce safe in an environment that is known to be high-risk? If your response to either of the previous questions was positive, you will be thrilled to hear that Seltek Warehouse is here to help. Not only are our products first-class in quality, but they can be acquired at prices which are competitive-yet-affordable. We recognise that prior to moving forward, you may have some queries that you would like to address. Should this be the case, all you need to do is visit the contact page on our website, and follow the instructions provided. 

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Why Using A Workbench Is The Way Forward

Were you to walk into any workroom in the country, the likelihood is that you would notice that there is a workbench present – this is for good reason. The working days can be incredibly long, full of heavy-duty work which is tiring for the body. Workbenches are a fantastic way in which to ease the load ever so slightly, and make operations smoother and more convenient. Understandably, those who do not currently own one of these units may find themselves asking why it is they should invest in a workbench; this is where the specialist knowledge of Seltek Warehouse can prove to be a guiding light.

Increased Weight Capacity

When you are working within the construction industry, the chances are that you will predominantly be working with materials that are of considerable size and weight. As such, it is important to be able to operate in an area that can handle these types of proportions. Whilst there are some that may believe that working on the floor is an acceptable environment, it is more prudent to purchase an industrial workbench. These have been constructed in such a way as to easily cope with the increased load capacities that will be exerted on them on a regular basis.

Ergonomically Designed

Individuals that have been plying their trade within the field of manual labour for a prolonged period of time will testify to the fact that poor working conditions can have disastrous consequences on a person’s body. Thankfully, the stainless steel workbenches that can be found on the market are recognised for their fantastic ergonomic designs. No longer will you be prone to injuries caused by repetitive strain and stress. Whichever of the high-quality adjustable workbenches that you opt for, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy long-term results.

Incredibly Durable

Should you come to the conclusion that acquiring a fully-assembled workbench is the route that you would like to go down, the likelihood is that you want your unit to be one that is able to stand the test of time. Although their wooden counterparts are prone to rot, as well as warping, those which are constructed using a steel frame are incredibly durable. Regardless of whether you subject it to extreme temperatures on a frequent basis, or use extreme force, you can be sure that it will not let you down any time in the near future.

Storage Options

The people that typically utilise workbenches as part of their professions are likely those that have a plethora of tools at their disposal. Unfortunately, these are often strewn around, with chaos being prevalent over order. However, this is an issue that can be solved extremely easily. Throughout the range of industrial workbenches that you can choose, you will notice that there are various compartments and hooks available. This gives you the chance to store your equipment in a manner that is not only convenient, but also safe.

How Can We Be Of Assistance?

Would you like to collaborate with a firm that has a wide range of products which can be used by those who operate in warehouses? Do you find yourself struggling to source a standard workbench which conforms to your particular needs? If you find yourself answering ‘yes’ to either of the previous questions, the chances are that you stand to greatly benefit from the plethora of services offered by us here at Seltek Warehouse. Our catalogue is vast, to say the least; we are sure that within it, there is something which can change the way in which your employees work. Why not check out our website’s contact page today, and speak to one of the fantastic members of our customer service team? 

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A Guide To The Best Platform Trucks On The Market

Within a warehouse, the need for speed is becoming increasingly prevalent; with customers demanding convenience above all else, it is imperative for firms to be able to conduct operations at break-neck speeds. This is one of the primary reasons as to why businesses are now willing to invest large sums of money into top-tier products that can help to revolutionise the way in which they work. One such example of these is the platform truck; relatively basic in its composition, this is not a reflection on the benefits that it can bring about. The specialists here at Seltek Warehouse are more than happy to elaborate on the various different models which can be found.

Traditional Platform Trucks

The most basic of models is known as the traditional platform truck; its simple design consists of a square floor, attached to which is a raised handle for propulsion purposes. There are a number of sizes available, meaning that you can tailor your purchase to better cater to your needs. The best example of this type of unit is the 801TB Platform Truck – with a weight capacity of five hundred kilograms, you will find that you can utilise this product for a number of different exploits.

Stainless Steel Platform Trucks

Should your operations predominantly revolve around the transporting of products which are able to move freely, you may be in need of a more complex unit. It is for this reason that the stainless steel platform truck saw a spike in popularity. The unit which comes equipped with four sides, also known as the 804M (X), will enable you to whisk objects around the warehouse floor which, up until now, caused you considerable problems. No longer will you be forced to conduct numerous trips for a single range of items.

Epoxy-Coated Platform Trucks

When it comes to more polished and aesthetically pleasing types of platform trucks, it is hard to look past the epoxy-coated platform trucks as the most prominent example of these. The zinc mesh which can be found within the tubular handle ensures that there is sufficient stability when using the truck itself, whilst the polished base offers a sturdy foundation. Due to the higher quality of materials which are used to construct these models, it is unsurprising that they have an increased tolerance, in relation to maximum weight capacity. If you would like to observe an example, look no further than the 810M (X).

Long-Load Platform Trucks

This range of units is ideal for those that spend their days transporting large objects which are awkward to move. The long-load platform trucks will typically have swivel wheels attached, as this drastically improves manoeuvrability whilst out on the warehouse floor. As a case study, conjure up an image of attempting to move carpets by hand – this is an intricate job that requires careful control. As such, purchasing a long-load model like the 805P will allow for it to double-up as a carpet trolley.

Why Choose Seltek Warehouse?

When it comes to sourcing low-cost carpet trolleys, as well as other assorted pieces of equipment that can be deployed within a warehouse, you need look no further than those which are supplied by us here at Seltek Warehouse. You will be hard-pressed to find another company which can not only boast having a wealth of experience in this industry, but also incredibly low prices across their catalogue of products. 

What truly allows us to stand out as a company is the top-tier customer service which we have become synonymous with. Case-and-point, if you follow the instructions laid out on the contact page of our website, you will have the opportunity to chat through your requirements with a member of our team. 

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How Can Pallet Trucks Revolutionise Your Workplace?

Since the turn of the century, much time and effort has been spent in trying to improve the working conditions experienced in warehouses, as well as other industrial establishments. The onus has been on firms to make a concerted effort to adhere to the health and safety regulations that have been brought into effect in recent years. One of the most popular ways in which to modernise has been to acquire pallet trucks. Here at Seltek Warehouse, we are one of the best places to purchase low-cost adjustable pallet trucks; if you continue reading, you can learn as to why this move could be prudent for your corporation.

Saves Time

Within a warehouse environment, being efficient in your operations is crucial should you want to be successful. Whilst, with the proper training, there is nothing inherently wrong with your workers conducting the transportation of heavy goods, it can take a long time to get things done. Were you to purchase an adjustable pallet truck, you will immediately be able to reap the rewards. Your employees will be able to move products around the warehouse floor in a manner that is smooth-and-seamless, something that will certainly pay dividends in the long-run.


As you may have deduced from their design, the average pallet truck is extraordinarily easy to operate. With minimal tutelage, your operatives will have no problem in using the standard pallet truck to whisk items around their place of work. Whilst it is true that more advanced units, such as electric pallet trucks, may require a little more time and training to get the hang of, the wide range of benefits that can be enjoyed are more than worthwhile.

Reduces Injury Risk

For many, this is seen as the primary reason as to why all industrial facilities should invest in pallet trucks. As mentioned previously, provided that workers have undergone the necessary tutorials, manual labour is perfectly acceptable in the workplace. However, this does not mean that there are no risks attached to this; were employees to attempt to lift something which is beyond their capabilities, the chances of injuries are occurring are significant. The implementation of hand pallet trucks is a fantastic way in which to safeguard against the damages which can be incurred during heavy-duty activities.

Improves Efficiency

There are various different types of pallet truck available on the market, yet there is a factor which is common to all of them – their ability to handle copious amounts of weight. This means that numerous objects can be transported in a single journey, which is an improvement to the traditional method of moving one item at a time. As such, pallet trucks are seen as one of the most effective ways in which to increase the overall efficiency of operations in the workplace. Regardless of the size which you decide to opt for, you can be sure that the positive effects will be observed almost-immediately.

About Seltek Warehouse

Have you been trying to find a profile pallet truck which can handle products of all shapes and sizes? Are you searching for a semi-electric model, but have been left empty-handed thus far? Should you be able to relate to the aforementioned scenarios, you will be thrilled to hear that Seltek Warehouse is here to help. 

For those of you that did not already know, we are a company which takes pride in stocking all of the most essential equipment that is utilised within a warehouse. Should you wish to gain a better understanding of the types of products that feature in our catalogue, our website’s contact page will provide you with instructions regarding how to get in touch. 

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Outlining Seltek Warehouse’s Suitability to Helping You

When you are looking to invest in products to be used by your employees on a daily basis, the chances are that you want them top-tier in quality, as this will boost their productivity and enable your firm to operate more-efficiently. Unfortunately, due to the saturated nature of this market, it can be quite difficult to locate a business which can easily meet your requirements – this is where Seltek Warehouse comes into play. Our understanding of this industry is second-to-none, and as you will learn below, there are countless reasons as to why you should give us a chance.

Fantastic Warehouse Equipment

As you would expect, here at Seltek Warehouse we have made a name for ourselves as being home to some of the finest pieces of warehouse-related equipment in the country. We appreciate how difficult it can be to operate with sub-par apparatus, and that is why we want to make a profound difference. For example, if you are wanting to optimise the way in which you transport heavy-duty goods around your premises, our pallet trucks will ease the strain placed upon your workforce. Alternatively, for those of you that are attempting to make the most of your storage options, we have an array of shelving and racking options to browse through.

Diverse Catalogue of Products

You will be hard-pressed to find another company which can match the sheer number of products that we are currently in possession of. Since our foundation, we have always taken great pride in being able to cater to the needs of a diverse audience. That means that, whilst the majority of our catalogue is dedicated to industrial and warehouse equipment, it is far from being the only available option. Case-and-point, we have a number of niche items which relate to hazardous storage, making them the ideal investment for chemical firms. Similarly, our lockers can be deployed in various locations, and still have a positive impact.

British Retailer

For those of you that have not worked with us in the past, there is one thing that you need to take note of – as a firm, we believe that using suppliers which originate in Britain is of paramount importance. We promote this, as it demonstrates that we are conscious of our economy as a whole, and want to enable it to grow. Not only this, but we are of the belief that products which are manufactured here are of superior quality, and want our customers to be able to take advantage of this.

Glowing Reputation

There are countless firms out there which will profess to having a monopoly in this industry; this could not be further from the truth. Since the outset, we here at Seltek Warehouse have sought to become recognised for the quality which runs throughout our collection, as well as the first-class  experience which we provide. We are also incredibly transparent – in order to demonstrate this, we encourage prospective clients to check out our website’s testimonials page. The reviews here have been written by totally satisfied customers, and should offer some reassurances regarding our capabilities.

Want to Start Your Journey?

We hope that after having read the list of points above, you will have come to the conclusion that there is no-better firm to cater to your needs than Seltek Warehouse. Aside from our premium collection of units, we are also committed to ensuring that the process that you are involved in is smooth-and-seamless. We recognise that before placing an order, you may have some lingering queries that you may wish to address. Should this be the case, why not ring us at 01908 320 731, or send us an email via our website’s enquiry form?

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Which Products Could Save Your Operations This Winter?

2020 has been a year defined by turmoil – the social norms have been thrown out of the window, and companies across the country have been forced to completely change the way in which they operate. Thankfully, it is now coming to an end; however, with winter comes a new set of challenges to overcome. Case-and-point, the freezing cold can be particularly tricky to navigate, and it is important to have access to the best possible tools to continue working as you would otherwise. Should you be wondering what you need to invest in, allow the staff at Seltek Warehouse to offer some much-needed guidance.

Grit Bins

If you have faced the issues caused by ice and snow in the past, you should also be familiar with the fantastic way in which grit can be used to combat it. The combination of small rocks and salt ensures that there is an increased level of grip underfoot – not only is this important for overall productivity, but it also safeguards the wellbeing of your workforce. If you want to have peace-of-mind this winter, a sensible move could be to invest in a grit bin. Though perhaps not as flashy as some of the other products on this list, it will certainly get the job done.

Snow Shovels

Nowhere is it written that the best products to fight-off the effects of winter are high-tech; sometimes, simplicity is an ally, and that is showcased in the traditional snow shovel. These have been used on business parks and domestic properties alike for a number of years, and it is not difficult to see why. Some elect to use these in tandem with a grit bin, as they can be effective at salt-spreading. Others prefer to utilise them to simply carve out pathways in the snow. Whichever route you choose to go down, the results are guaranteed to be your liking.

Vehicle-Mounted Spreaders

Should be part of a local council that is in-charge of preventing accidents on the road, or are the manager of an industrial complex which spans over an expansive space, it may be wise to look into acquiring a vehicle-mounted spreader. When it comes to winter gritting, there are few products that can match these units’ efficiency. Many maintenance services utilise them, and it is not difficult to see why. They can cover a lot of ground in a short space of time, and this is not something which should be underestimated.

Hand Snow Ploughs

If you like the concept of a snow shovel, but would like to improve its execution slightly, you need look no further than a hand snow plough. The wheels attached mean that the user is not forced to exert as much energy, and this means that more can be achieved in fewer hours. Alternatively, you could opt to scale-things up, and purchase a vehicle add-on. Whilst the design will stay relatively unaltered, your capabilities will be significantly amplified. These are fantastic for those individuals that are truly committed to fighting off the harsh winter conditions present in the UK.

Seltek Warehouse – Here to Help

Have you been searching high-and-low for affordable gritting and snow-clearing products, but feel like you are no closer to coming to a satisfying conclusion? Are you struggling to source items that are effective at eliminating ice in car parks and industrial warehouses alike? For those of you that are able to relate to either of the aforementioned scenarios, it will no-doubt be fantastic to hear that Seltek Warehouse is here to help. With a diverse catalogue of products, you can be sure that we will leave you wholly satisfied, regardless with your final decision. To those of you that are unsure as to which item to purchase, we suggest speaking to a member of our team via the methods illustrated on our website’s contact page

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Cable Protectors; An Understated Product With Countless Upsides

For those of you that have been working in a warehouse environment for a prolonged period of time, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the fantastic qualities which are present in rubber cable protectors. However, if you are relatively new to this, you may be under the impression that they are a waste of money. Whilst they are certainly simple in their design, they are an integral part of a first-class working atmosphere. Below, you can find a comprehensive breakdown as to why this is, courtesy of the team here at Seltek Warehouse.

Negates Natural Damage

Contrary to popular belief, there are countless reasons that could mean that you have heavy-duty cables outside of an inclosed space. Perhaps you have machinery which, for safety reasons, must be operated in the great outdoors; it could be that you are conducting temporary operations that have caused you to mobilise a greater amount of your workforce. Whatever the cause, you will not want to subject the cables to foreign entities, such as rainfall and animal interference. This is where cable protectors come into their own, as they will ensure that no harm comes to them, which could happen if they are exposed.

Safeguard Employees

In case you didn’t already realise it, the primary reason for investing in cable protection is not, in actual fact, to do with the cables themselves – it is because of the damage and havoc that can be caused should they fray or split. The high voltage that they have can have catastrophic repercussions, not least because of the fatalities which could potentially be caused amongst your workforce. Should you be someone that believes in facilitating an environment for your employees in which they do not have to fear for their lives, cable protectors are an essential purchase.

Aesthetically Pleasing

This is certainly one of the last things which come to mind when you consider cable protectors, and the benefits which they bring to the table. However, it cannot be disputed that they are a definite upgrade to the bland blackness that is present in the base design of the cables. You can customise protectors in whichever way you see fit, and inject a bit of brightness into your workplace. It can also make them more noticeable, ensuring that they are not a trip-hazard.

Impresses Clients

When you have visitors to your site, it makes sense to want to impress them – one surefire way in which to do this is have an environment which is clean and organised. You want to demonstrate that you are conscious of your surroundings, and keeping cables tidy is an easy way to achieve this. With a relatively small investment, you can reap the rewards in the long-run. Cost-effective solutions do not necessarily have to be complex, and cable protectors reflect this ideology.

Looking For Some Assistance?

If you are someone that owns a complex that is scattered with heavy-duty cables, and you wish to take the necessary step of ensuring that they retain their quality for years to come, it is hard to look past Seltek Warehouse as the ideal candidate to fulfil your needs. The range of cable protectors that we have in stock have been proven to drastically improve the lifespan of your cables, meaning that you will not be forced to invest in replacements any time in the near future. 

We care about the health and safety of your workforce, and will do all that we can to meet your requirements. Would you like to find out a little more about our quality cable covers, and their application potential? If so, you can discuss your queries via telephone, by calling 01908 320 731, or via email, by following the contact instructions on our website. 

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Why The Proper Storage Of Hazardous Materials Is Vital

Across the country, there are countless businesses which, on a daily basis, utilise hazardous materials within their workplaces. Laboratories within schools, medicinal manufacturers, distributors of flammable substances – there are just some examples of those that require ways in which to store hazardous substances. Unfortunately for the types of firms listed above, in order to meet the requirements set out by the relevant authoritative bodies in regards to storage, it can be rather expensive. 

However, here at Seltek Warehouse, we are proud to be able to stock Justrite hazardous storage options, one of the leading options on the market. For a more complete explanation of why storing hazardous materials safely is so important, take a look at our thoughts below.

Limit Overall Risks

As one would imagine, the primary reason attached to the necessity of storing hazardous materials is to drastically reduce the chances of there being an accident of catastrophic proportions. For example, those who work with corrosive acids will understand the proper etiquette when utilising these chemicals; however, such individuals as cleaners and guests may not have the same training. As such, to prevent mishaps from occurring, it is wise to invest in heavy-duty, leak-proof containers, as this will, for example, reduce fire risks.

Reduces Exposure

Whilst it is certainly true that the operators involved will have undergone extensive training in regards to working with hazardous chemicals, this does not necessarily mean that mistakes cannot be made. As such, it is only good practice to ensure that they are not in constant contact with the hazardous materials. Although it may seem like common sense to wear chemical resistant clothing, this is just a small measure that only protects individuals. Storage cabinets with secure latching systems can bring about benefits for many people.

Decreases Level Of Waste

For those that were previously unaware, it is typical for hazardous materials to be relatively expensive – this means that waste is not something which is tolerated lightly. In most occurrences, waste is caused by a spillage, or via improper storage. Were you to use, for example, a Spill Containment Pallet, this would cease to be an issue. Thanks to the built-in tray underneath that collects all residue material, you need not worry about wasting any potentially valuable materials.

Good Business Practice

It is possible that many people see this as an afterthought, due to the other factors’ relating to people’s health. However, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is for corporations to adhere to the legislation outlined by the relevant regulatory bodies. In most cases, it is certainly worth investing in a stainless-steel shelving unit with a shut-and-latch system built-in, due to the fact that the potential fines will, by far-and-away, eclipse the sums of these types of products.

A Short Introduction To Seltek Warehouse

Do you operate a business which frequently utilises hazardous chemicals within the workplace, and are looking for a way in which to properly store these? Would you like to ensure that your flammable liquids are of no danger to individuals that do not have the proper training? You stand to greatly benefit from the services offered by us here at Seltek Warehouse. 

The truth of the matter is that when it comes to supplying customers with first-class products in relation to storing materials of a hazardous nature, there is no company that is better than us. Not only this, but we ensure that our prices, whilst competitive, are affordable – this means that they can be purchased by those who really need them. For those of you that have any questions regarding our services, all you need to do to speak to a representative is choose your preferred method from those outlined on our website’s contact page

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Understanding The Importance Of Gritting

As time has gone on, various measures have been developed which are able to combat the treacherous effects that ice and snow can have on driving. Here at Seltek Warehouse, we are pleased to be well-stocked in all units relating to the gritting of not only roads, but also pathways. Should you wish to be educated on the countless benefits relating to gritting, feel free to read the words of our specialist experts below.

Promotes Road Safety

As one would expect, the primary benefit associated with conducting gritting during winter is that it is the best measure to make the roads as safe as possible. When there is excessive ice and snow on the roads, it can make driving conditions considerably worse; as such, everyday occurrences, such as braking and turning round a corner, suddenly become a nightmare. By using the appropriate equipment, such as gritting mix and state-of-the-art distributors, you will be able to go a long way in preventing accidents from occurring.

Safeguards Pedestrians

It is important to remember that the freezing temperatures do not simply affect road users – pavements and walkways are also more than capable of freezing over, and they can turn into death traps. Whilst many people view gritting as a relatively simple measure, its effectiveness in practice cannot be underestimated. By using such products as pedestrian spreaders, you can easily achieve an even coverage across the pavement, which can subsequently help to save lives.

Prevents Needless Damage

Whilst it is true to say that the primary risks associated with dangerous driving conditions are those related to human life, it cannot be forgotten that damage to public property also drastically increases. Buildings, landmarks, statues – these are just some of the things which are endangered due to the chance of being hit by vehicles. By spending the necessary amount of time to ensure that roads are coated with a sufficient level of grit, this is a problem which can be safeguarded against with ease. No longer will local funds have to be directed towards repair jobs.

Retains Convenience

The development of smart-phones and other technical devices allows people to access information with a simple click of the button, Similarly, vast road infrastructures means people are able to reach destinations with ease; unfortunately, ice and snow drastically impact travel times, and can result in traffic jams of unimaginable size. However, there is no need to allow this to become an out-of-proportion issue – simply take care in gritting, and watch as people are able to conduct themselves on the roads in a normal fashion.

Why should you work with Seltek Warehouse?

If you have been struggling to find affordable gritting and snow-clearing products, and would like to purchase from a company with a reputation for providing first-class products, the only name that should come to mind is that of Seltek Warehouse. We have a catalogue of products which is vast, meaning that we are able to cater to the requirements of a broad audience. Our mission revolves around ensuring that you have the necessary tools to continue operating in harsh weather conditions. If you would like to enquire further into our high-quality, cost-effective units, please follow the instructions laid out on our website’s contact page