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Storage Solutions For Your Warehouse

You have probably heard people say ‘your warehouse is only as efficient as your storage solutions’. To a certain extent, this is true, for many warehouses having efficient and effective storage solutions can make a huge difference to the day-to-day running of the warehouse. Being able to store and find products easily is essential to a smooth warehouse process. 

Many warehouse owners can hit a brick wall when thinking of ways they can improve their storage solutions. It can be hard to see past the obvious solutions but, luckily, there are many warehouse storage organisation ideas that you can implement in your facility. To help anyone wanting to improve their storage, Seltek Warehouse has put together a list of storage solutions that could be the answer to all of your problems. 

Shelving and racking 

This is one of the most obvious and most frequently used storage solutions and when it is used correctly, it can be one of the best. Shelving and racking solutions work in almost any warehouse, no matter what industry, and can be used to store a huge range of inventory. 

These shelves and racks can help maximise the available space in your warehouse. They can provide you with much more vertical storage, not only freeing up floor space but, you can also store more goods and provide an easier way for your staff to locate items.

Cupboards and cabinets 

Many people move away from using cupboards and cabinets for storage in warehouses but, they can actually be incredibly beneficial. There is such a huge range on the market these days that you can find something that fits perfectly in the spare space that you have. 

This type of storage is perfect for smaller items and anything that won’t work well on shelving. You can also use them for storing tools and equipment used by staff. Although it will take up some floor space, you can get cupboard benches too so, you can make use of the space. 

Mezzanine floors and external storage 

If you’re really struggling for space then it may be worth considering installing a mezzanine floor. This is one of the most efficient ways to make the most of your existing space and create more room for storage without using floor space. It is also more cost-effective than you may realise. 

Sometimes, depending on your current layout and storage, mezzanine floors won’t work and external storage may be a better option. Utilising the space surrounding your warehouse is a great way to create more storage without having to change the interior of your warehouse. 

Lockers and PEE solutions 

Aside from storage for your materials or merchandise, you may also need storage for your worker’s personal belongings. Being smart with this storage can actually be another way to make more room in your warehouse.

Installing durable lockers will provide a secure place for your employees to store their items. It may also be worth getting PEE storage for their work uniform/protective equipment. Giving everything a specific home will help to keep your warehouse tidy too. 

Investing in new storage solutions 

With the huge range of storage solutions available, you can easily find some that will work best for your needs. From huge items such as racking or even small things like cable management solutions, they will help to organise your warehouse and provide you with the additional storage space required. 

Whether you’re looking to get some cabinets to store small work tools or you would like to buy affordable steel lockers for your staff, Seltek Warehouse can provide you with everything that you need. Our website is full of helpful storage solutions for warehouses and you can trust that any items purchased with them will be incredibly high quality. You’ll never have to waste time searching around for storage solutions again.