About Us

Invotec Solutions was formed in 2005 by Paul Horner who previously was an owner of Spaceminster (as it then was) and then Managing Director of Nickerson’s for many years, so you could say a veteran of the industry, or you could say old!

Our team have been in the injection moulding supply sector for a long time and we love finding solutions for our customers.

Initially we had a dedicated service to key suppliers such as Smartflow, IPS, Athena, Smartflow and continue to be the central supplier across the UK and Europe.

Invotec have been making engineered nozzles, tips, mixer and much more through our two manufacturing plants and offer some of the quickest deliveries for screws and barrels in the industry.

You may already be using our engineered products of supplied products on a daily basis purchased either directly from us or through our network of UK distribution and receive the same help and support throughout network of 14 European agents.

We offer new suppliers an established route to market and also take control of existing sales structures within Europe, if you are a supplier and would like to know what we can offer you please click here.

We are here to help, welcome new products ideas or just call us for a chat.

Our products

Invotec – have dedicated manufacturing facilities producing Nozzles, Tips, Mixers and filters and shut off nozzles. We also partner with specialists offering products for many other applications including OEM quality screws, barrels and screw tips.

Athena Controls Inc. – Invotec process the majority of European sales for the full range of Athena Hot Runner Systems and Panel Controllers.

Smartflow® We are the primary distribution point for all sales throughout the European Union for Smartflow Fluid Control, Mould Safety and Ejector quick release equipment.

IPS Mould Handling Products – European distribution of Mould Chutes, Skirts, Material Covers and Mould Curtains through our network of European distributors.

Stamixco Static Mixers – UK and Eire exclusive distribution of the full range of Nozzle Static Mixers, Melt blenders and specialist mixing equipment.

Invotec – Everyday supplies include Insulation Jackets, OEM Water Manifolds, Barrels Cleaning Brushes, Temperature measuring equipment, Magnetic Water Filtration and Scales and Balances.