• More features - Lower Cost

    Athena controls have been the 1st choice for thousands of companies within the polymer secter.
  • Cycle time down

    A quick clean equals more profit. Invotec descaling products help gain valuable time during the cooling process.
  • Lower your Scrap Rate

    IPS mould shields have a rapid payback based on scrap reduction.
  • Tool Changes got Faster

    The SMARTFLOW alunminium manifold provides a shorter footprint.
  • More Melt Flow

    The StaMixCo mixing nozzel leads the way. Short Payback.

Welcome to Invotec Solutions 

Invotec Solutions Limited are dedicated to the polymer sector; our goal is to offer innovative products and consumables that make your processes more efficient and making things easier for you.

We pride ourselves on service, from your initial sales enquiry through to order and ongoing support. Throughout a growing European network we offer many everyday items used in mould shops but we also partner with leading brands taking care of our principles products and services.

We offer new suppliers an established route to market and also take control of existing sales structures within Europe, if you are a supplier and would like to know what we can offer you please contact us to discuss your requirements.