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5 Suitable Solutions To Transport Cylinders And Drums

If you didn’t know already, cylinders and drums are very heavy and often difficult to handle due to the sheer weight, and it’s never advised to attempt to carry out all drum cylinder handling manually. For that reason, drum handling equipment is much more suitable, where it’s suggested that warehouses buy cylinder lifting cradles, as an example, so that they can safely and securely transport cylinders and drums. 

With that being said, cylinder lifting cradles are just one of the many examples, and for your benefit, here are five of the most popular solutions to transport cylinders and drums within your warehouse. 

Cylinder trolleys

Starting with the most simple solution of them all, cylinder trolleys are one of the most effective ways to transport gas cylinders across short distances without the worry that the cylinder will tip over. You will also be pleased to hear that you can buy affordable cylinder trolleys that facilities for most generic sized cylinders, meaning you won’t need to purchase several trolleys for different sized cylinders. 

Cylinder cradles and pallets

Next up are cylinder cradles and pallets, both of which are very similar to the trolleys but are primarily designed for lifting purposes, for instance, lifting cylinders onto trucks. The traditional design of a cradle is a flat platform that has specifically made ridges which the cylinders slide into, at which point they are fully secured in with the use of a strong metal chain. It’s important to keep in mind the size of your canister when buying cylinder lifting cradles, otherwise, the ridges might be either too big or too small for the cylinder. 

Cylinder pallets are very similar, but the primary difference is that there isn’t the edition of the ridges for the drums to slide into. Instead, the pallet is simply a flat platform with steel bars raising from the platform to ensure no canisters can tip out of the pallet. 

Drum Dollies

Looking more specifically at all drum cylinder handling, drum dollies are one of the most popular solutions available to purchase. The simple design, a flat round platform with supporting wheels, allows warehouse employees to simply place the drum onto the dolly so that the drum can be kept upwards whilst being transported across short distances. 

Manual drum trucks & tilters

Manual drum trucks and tilters are also a suitable option if you are happy to engage in manual handling. Similar to cylinder trolleys, the drum will sit on a small platform which would have 2 wheels at one side of the base, followed by strong handlebars so that the user can easily push the drum around the warehouse without having to do so completely manually. 

Forklift attachments

For warehouses fortunate enough to have a forklift as part of their other operations, you will be pleased to hear that several forklift attachments are ideal for the transportation of both cylinders and drums. Instead of having to buy an affordable cylinder trolley, you can purchase a similar alternative that can simply be attached to the forklift so that the cylinders can be pushed around rather than being manually handled. 

The same goes for drums, where notable components such as drum clamps can be fitted to the front of the forklift to prevent the need to avoid the need for manual all drum cylinder handling solutions. 

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