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Everything You Need To Know About Warehouse Steps

Warehouse and yard steps are essential in almost every warehouse these days and they are ideal for such a massive range of jobs. You can pretty much guarantee to find a variety of different mobile platform steps in all warehouses and it goes without saying that they make day-to-day working life much easier. 

If you’re new to the warehouse industry and you’re putting together a list of essentials you need to purchase, mobile warehouse steps definitely need to be on this list. To assist anyone researching into these steps, Seltek Warehouse has put together a helpful guide to everything you need to know about warehouse steps. 

What are warehouse steps?

You may have heard these referred to as mobile safety steps. They differ quite dramatically from standard ladders and the most notable difference being that they are completely self-supporting structures. Warehouse steps also mobile and often use wheels or casters to make them easy to move. These steps are specifically designed for this type of work and now, there is such a huge range available on the market so, you can choose the best set for your warehouse. 

Why do companies need warehouse steps?

These days you are likely to find racking in the majority of warehouses and it is incredibly effective in vastly increasing the storage space available but, in order to use this racking safely, your workers will rely on these steps. They have an advantage over standard ladders due to the fact that they are much safer to use. 

Many warehouses choose to use mobile warehouse steps because they allow the operative to have one hand free when moving up and down the steps, so they are able to carry stock safely from height. Due to the fact that they also have a platform at the top of the steps, operatives can stand with both hands-free at this top level. This makes it much easier for them to pick things from racking without putting themselves in danger. 

Where is the best place to get warehouse steps from?

When searching for warehouse steps you will see that there are numerous stores and multiple brands that all have collections for you to choose from. It is such a saturated market and you will be spoilt for choice. However, like all items you purchase for your warehouse, you will find that some brands are better than others. 

It is always important to not only research into a company before you purchase from them, but to also research into the brand, make and model of warehouse steps too. It may be beneficial to ask around and see what other warehouses use, recommendations can be incredibly helpful when it comes to narrowing down the options that you have.  

How Seltek Warehouse can help

Now that you understand more about warehouse steps and why every warehouse needs at least one set to get by efficiently, if you’re searching for a reliable retailer to purchase from Seltek Warehouse can help. They are a one-stop-shop for all of your warehouse needs and you can trust that they will have all of the essentials you require. 

As far as steps are concerned, Seltek Warehouse have such a huge range of affordable mobile safety steps for you to browse. All of our steps have wheels or casters that make them easy to move but which also retract when weight is applied for security and safety. On our online shop, you will find various ranges that offer mobile platform steps with 2 to 6 steps in a wide variety of configurations. So, no matter what your warehouse step needs may be, you can trust that Seltek Warehouse will have the perfect solution for you.