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The Invotec Mixing Tip

  • Fits Standard Nozzles
  • Thread: 7/8" UNF
  • 8000 layers mixed
  • Only 40 mm length
  • Pressure drop negligible
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Your Mixing Problems Cured in Minutes (Maybe Seconds!)

Based on our existing X-Grid technology you are now able to convert your existing removable tip nozzle to a state of the art mixer with the new Stamixco Mixing Tip (GXM-10-4)

Fits our standard removable tip nozzles with 7/8″ UNF threads and nozzles with Arburg M24 x 1.5mm threads.

Our standard X-Grid mixers are used world-wide in large moulding nozzles and extrusion applications; now at just 40mm in length you can use the same technology in place of your existing removable tip.

Stamixco mixers are accepted as one of the best mixers in the market with 8000 layers of mixing ability combined with a very low pressure drop.

High Performance X-Grid static mixers can provide the identical mixing of the industry standard helical static mixer in a much shorter length

The only available mixing rod in Titanium. No welding, no casting, no weak parts. Top mechanical strength. Heated Titanium material. Strongest and lightest metallic material.


Mixing quality best with more than 8000 layers mixed.
Shortest possible mixer with high-end mixing quality.
Only 40 mm length.
Excellent mixing of temperature, viscosity and additives.
Pressure drop negligible, less than 20% of injection pressure.


Reduced spots, streaks and clouds of colour
Reduced colorant usage (up to 40% less) with comparable part colour density
Narrower part tolerance
Reduced reject rates
Less part distortion
Less part weight variation
Improved part quality when using regrind material and increased use of regrind.
Shorter cycle times
Improved surface and mechanical properties
Expanded operating range of older machines