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Stamixco SMF Advanced Nozzle Filters and GPD Protection Grids

  • Protects nozzle tip, hot runner system and tooling
  • Used with our SMN Static Mixers
  • 1 Filter Replaces 2 x Elements
  • OD 18 to 50mm
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Stamixco SMF Advanced Nozzle Filters and GPD Protection Grids

Filters and Grid Protection Disks for SMN Injection Moulding Mixing Nozzle

The StaMixCo SMN Injection Moulding Mixing Nozzle contains eight (8) very efficient static mixing elements that homogenize the polymer melt during injection.

Our Research & Development activities have resulted in new auxiliary products that provide great value to an end user and can easily be combined with the existing SMN static mixing elements:

SMF Filters & GPD Grid Protection Disks.

BENEFITS of these two devices are as follows:

SMF Filter

Protects nozzle tip, hot runner system and tooling when processing regrind material by filtering unwanted solids (e.g. aluminium metal parts, pebbles, etc.) in the polymer melt that a magnetic separator does not catch and thus avoids clogging and/or damage to downstream equipment.
Holds back partially melted pellets until melted.

Filter Sizes:

ST-PMF-12 – ID 12mm – OD 18mm – Length 16mm
ST-PMF-18 – ID 18mm – OD 26mm – Length 22.5mm
ST-PMF-22 – ID 22mm – OD 30mm – Length 27mm
ST-PMF-27 – ID 27mm – OD 35mm – Length 33mm
ST-PMF-33 – ID 33mm – OD 42mm – Length 40mm
ST-PMF-40 – ID 40mm – OD 50mm – Length 48mm

GPD Grid Protection Disk:

Protects the SMN static mixing elements from possible damage during a “Cold Start” when a slug of un-melted polymer under high pressure can strike the face of the mixing elements and damage them. The GPD is extremely strong and prevents un-melted polymer from striking the mixing elements.

SMF and GPD devices are easily retrofit into existing SMN Mixing Nozzles:

  • O.D. of SMF Filter and GPD Grid Protection Disk = O.D. of mixing elements
  • Length of SMF Filter = Length of two mixing elements
  • Length of GPD (Grid Protection Disk) = Length of one mixing element