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Invotec ISG Style Mixers

  • Ground surface finish
  • Material: GT D2.1 1.2316 to 38 Hrc
  • Exceptional mixing properties
  • Diameters: 16 to 25mm
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Invotec ISG Style Mixers

Ground surface finish manufactured in GT D2.1 1.2316 to 38 Hrc

The Invotec ISG style static mixer offers exceptional mixing qualities for a very low investment.

Consisting of 5-6 mixing segments located in the nozzle body each segments has 4 flow paths machined at oblique angles. That is to say material exiting one element then enters close to the centre of the next element and exits near the wall. The elements are shaped in such a way as to create a tetrahedral symmetry.

Now manufactured to GT D2.1 1.2316 to 38 Hrc and surface ground ensuring the best balance of toughness and corrosion resistance.

Technical Details:

MA-ISG-MIXA Mixer set – 5 Elements – 69mm long x 16mm dia.
MA-ISG-MIXB Mixer set – 6 Elements – 85mm long x 16mm dia.
MA-ISG-MIXC Mixer set – 5 Elements – 90mm long x 20mm dia.
MA-ISG-MIXD Mixer set – 6 Elements – 121mm long x 20mm dia.
MA-ISG-MIXE Mixer set – 5 Elements – 110mm long x 25mm dia.

Can be purchased separately or fitted into one of our removable tip nozzle bodies.

Please note* Whilst the ISG style offers exceptional mixing properties an average pressure drop of around 30% can be noted. Most machinery has more than enough extra pressure availability to overcome this possibility. If pressure drop will be an issue please see our Stamixco static mixing section, these mixers are very advanced and offer virtually zero pressure drop.