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Buy The Aerosolv Can Disposal System

Do you want to save time and money with the Aerosolv can disposal system? Seltek Warehouse is a division of Invotec Solutions Limited, with over 2000 products in stock. All of our products are sourced from the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, at very keen prices that will make your money go further. We choose our suppliers based on their impressive track records of demonstrating quality products and efficient delivery times.

We have a wide range of products in stock, including mobile steps, storage equipment, material handling solutions, warehouse equipment and more. We are a true B2B supplier, and we are proud that our customers put their trust in Seltek to deliver premium quality goods and services.

Our Aerosolv can disposal system safely removes and traps excessive gas from used aerosol cans, which makes them safe and ready for standard recycling. The Justrite Aerosolv is a lot more efficient than traditional methods, as normally you would have to send them to a registered safe collection and recycling company.

When sending to one of the registered collectors, you can store around 96 aerosol cans in a 205 litre drum. The Aerosolv can disposal system will save you both time and money, as the cost for the collection and disposal of a drum is £200.00.

The Aerosolv accepts industry standard sized cans with a maximum height of 8½ inches. The can disposal system is not difficult to use, as you just have to place the aerosol can into the unit, lock the lid of the Aerosolv to secure the can in place, and push the lever. Aerosolv’s piercing pin punctures the can, and the residual liquids flow into the collection drum. The Aerosolv is available for only £679.00 + VAT, and can delivered within 2 to 3 days with our free standard UK delivery. To see the Justrite Aerosolv in more detail, take a look at the Aerosolv Can Disposal System page.

Do you want to buy a Justrite Aerosolv can disposal system? Contact Seltek Warehouse on +44 (0) 1908 320 731 or you can enter all relevant information into the mandatory fields of our Contact Form, and one of our customer advisors will look to get in touch as soon as possible.