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Buy Steel Lockers Online

Are you interested in purchasing steel lockers for your business? Whether you need lockers for a school or for the employees at a retail store, you have various sizes and colours available. Seltek Warehouse supplies a full range of equipment to commercial businesses and warehouses throughout the UK.

We are a true B2B supplier, and all of the products listed on our website are sourced from reputable suppliers, with a proven track record. This record is for providing the highest quality products, with an acceptable delivery time. The products we provide range from mobile steps and storage equipment, to warehouse equipment and material handling solutions.

Seltek have a choice of steel lockers to choose from, in the largest range of colours, that now includes our Autumn collection. Our lockers are manufactured to the highest specification, that are FireZero tested and certified, with ACTIVECOAT antibacterial technology. The steel framed lockers are all the same height, but have different sized locker doors and colours.

Lockers can be used in a range of industries, including education, leisure, office, retail, construction and more. Whether you need them for employees in the workplace, or for the customers of a health and fitness centre, steel lockers can be used for the personal storage of clothing, electronic devices and other items. You can see our choice of steel framed lockers on our Steel Lockers page.

If you want to buy steel lockers for your commercial business, contact Seltek Warehouse. We have a real, experienced team of customer service advisors, that can talk you through an idea or expand on a products specifications. Most of these advisors are trained engineers, and have knowledge on all of our products.

Call Seltek Warehouse on +44 (0) 1908 320 731 or you can enter all relevant information into the required fields of our Contact Form, and one of these customer advisors will get back to you as soon as possible to answer any queries you have.