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4‌ ‌Suitable‌ ‌Storage‌ ‌Solutions‌ ‌For‌ ‌Cylinders‌ ‌And‌ ‌Drums‌ ‌

Although not every cylinder or drum will contain notable contents such as propane gas or oil, it’s still vital that they are correctly stored to avoid damage, theft and ultimately to stop them from being able to tip over. Fortunately, there are several affordable metal cylinder storage solutions available to choose from, though for your benefit, here are the four most suitable solutions to consider. 

Cylinder stands

Perhaps the most popular drum cylinder handling solution, as it’s the most simple design, cylinder stands are the perfect approach to keep your cylinders standing upright without being able to fall. Often these will be made of galvanised steel, where a large flat platform will be placed on the ground with suitable stands that have chains attached to them. This can be wrapped around the cylinders to prevent them from falling over. 

Many of these drum stands will be portable, meaning they won’t be secured to the ground as it relies on the weight of the cylinder or drum to keep it grounded. On the other hand, several of these affordable metal cylinder storage stands will be fixed to the floor with strong bolts so that it is unable to move out of position. 

Wall brackets

Wall brackets are also a very suitable solution, which is very similar to cylinder stands. As you can probably guess, these are simple steel brackets that have been attached to the wall with a strong metal chain going across the bracket to secure the cylinders from being able to fall out of place.

Secure storage solutions

Although the previous two affordable metal cylinder storage solutions provide security that the cylinder and drum won’t fall over, they won’t provide complete theft security just like proper secure storage units. These often come in the form of a steel-framed storage cage completed with hinged doors that are secured with a padlock or similar security feature. 

Cylinder stores are another suitable suggestion that can be considered as a secure solution. This is because they are simply a strong, steel box container, often including shelving or brackets so that the drums can be held in place. For security, the cylinder door will have heavy doors for entry, which will also have a fitting security system implemented. 

Cylinder cradles and pallets

It’s also worth taking a look at cylinder and drum handling equipment which can also be used as storage solutions, such as cylinder cradles and pallets. This isn’t necessarily a solution for warehouses that are continuously replacing their drums and cylinders, but they are a great approach if you are simply using the cylinder and replacing it once more, as it can then easily be transported. 

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