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What is the Smartflow Fastie System

  • Faster Mould Changes (SMED)
  • Pneumatic Remote Open
  • 2.5 to 15 Tonne Ejector Force
  • No Mould Modifications Required
  • For Single (or Ejector Plate Designs)
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Smartflow Fastie® is a fast compact quick connection system to tie to the ejector to the mould tool.

What you will need to create a Fastie system.

Download: The Smartflow Fastie Brochure

  1. You will require a Fastie coupler.
  2. A centre air adaptor for single ejection systems
  3. A Fastie tool stud for location on your mould tool.

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For ejector plate systems you will require 2 or 4 coupler and 1 or 4 tool studs, a centre air adaptor is not required as the air supply can be connected directly to the back of the Fastie coupler through the back of the ejector plate.

Dramatically reducing mould change time, saving you valuable time and money.

Watch a centre ejector Fastie set up with our Youtube animation:

The ejector can quickly connect mechanically to the mould tool and is opened with a pneumatic air supply.


  • Faster Mould Changes
  • Hardened Steel Materials
  • Various Thread Sizes Available
  • Flexible Modular Installation
  • No Mould Modifications Required
  • Reduced Wear, parts stay connected during moulding cycles


  • Mould tool is mounted to the fixed platen
  • The Fastie coupler(s) are permanently mounted to the machine ejector piston or ejector plate.
  • The moving platen is closed, connected and then the quick connect locking mechanism snaps mechanically onto the tool mounted stud.
  • To release the Fastie, Close the tool, APPLY air to the coupler to open and withdraw the fixed platen and ejector.

What you will need

For single ejector machines you will need a 1 x Coupler – 1 X Tool Stud – 1 X Centre air adaptor (which is used to get air to the rear of the coupler)

For ejector plate system you will need two (2) or four (4) Couplers and Studs. Air can be supplied directly to the rear of the couplings.

Please note you will need to supply 5-8 Bar of workshop air and a pneumatic toggle switch to turn the coupler on and off.