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Smartflow TRACERvm Digital Flow Meter – Local (On-Body) Display

  • Vortex sensor technology (No Moving Parts)
  • Local User Interface & Output signals: Ratiometric
  • Turbulent Flow Display (FCI)
  • +/- 5% Accuracy based on full range
  • Temperature Range:  0°C to 120°C
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Smartflow Tracer®vm Electronic Flowmeter with local User Interface

Includes Programmable SPDT Switch, Analog Output, and FCI (Flow Characteristic Indicator) Technology with New Totalizer Function

Download: Smartflow Tracer®vm with User Interface brochure
Download: Optional: Tracer®vm Smartlink™ Interface brochure

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Smartflow Tracer®vm Electronic Flowmeter with User Interface employs reliable vortex shedding technology to monitor liquid flow rate and temperature.
The newly designed control circuit provides programmable switch set points for high or low flow or temperature and turbulent flow rate (FCI Technology).
Analog Outputs for flow and temperature are selectable: 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 Volts, for connection to data acquisition system or PLC.
A totalizing function is unique to this user interface with volume display from a selected point. BTU’s per minute calculation is also included with this model.

Features and Benefits

  • Separate Analog Outputs (0-5 or 0-10V selectable) for temperature and flow
  • Programmable SPDT switch, 30VAC/VDC, 1A
  • New! Volume Totalizer function
  • Turbulent Flow Display (FCI)
  • 8 – 28VDC Supply required (external source, AC power adapter cable or connection to eDart) Vortex Shedding Technology
  • Flow rate in gallons or litres per minute, +/- 5% Accuracy based on full range
  • Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • BTU’s per Minute Calculation with Optional Glycol % Input
  • 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″ and 1-1/2″ NPT(F) or BSPP(F) connection sizes
  • Pressure gauges are available


3/8″ or 1/2″ – 1 to 15lpm
3/8″ or 1/2″ – 2 to 40lpm
3/4″ or 1″ – 5 to 100lpm
1″ or 1-1/2″ – 10 to 200lpm

Wetted Parts:

EPDM Seals

Flowmeter Body
* 3/8″ & 1/2″ – Glass-Filled Nylon Body with Brass or Nylon End Caps
* 3/4″, 1″ & 1-1/2″ – Anodized Aluminium or Stainless Steel Body Construction


Pressure – 150 psi max.
Standard Temperature Sensors: 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F)
High Temperature Sensors: 0 to 120°C (32 to 248°F)

Turbulent Flow is the point at which cooling efficiency is optimized. Flow rates higher than the point of Turbulent Flow provide diminishing improvement to cooling rate. Using FCI Technology, systemic cooling water flow can be optimized, conserving water and maximizing cooling plantwide without plumbing changes. “TF” displays when Turbulent Flow is present within the Tracer flowmeter.