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Smartflow Thinswitch (Liquid Resistant) – Ejector Safety

  • Liquid Resistant Model
  • Positive Confirmation - Ejector Return
  • Fits behind ejector plate
  • Adjustable operating point
  • Stops Expensive (Very) Tool Crashes
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Selected Item Ref : BB-GRP-S-002

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The Smartflow Liquid resistant THINSWITCH® Limit Switch To verify ejector plate return before closing the mould. Mount inside ejector housing and wire to machine controls.

Can also be used for core slides or any place where space is limited.

Download: Mould Safety Switch Brochure

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The liquid resistant switch uses the same mounting hole locations as the original Thinswitch.

Smartflow® Thinswitch® Liquid-Resistant Limit Switch is designed to verify ejector plate return in areas where occasional water or oil spray is present.

The Thinswitch helps prevent accidental mould close in injection moulding applications by providing a position switch that is tied to the injection moulding machine control. The liquid resistant switch uses the same mounting hole locations as the original Thinswitch.

The Thinswitch has been tested for reliability over 10 million cycles without failure. Two switches can be used in series for larger moulds to ensure the ejector plate return, preventing costly mould damage.

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents costly mould damage
  • Small size – 2.15″ L x 1.5″ W x 0.18″ thick
  • Fits behind ejector plate
  • Requires only 2 screw holes
  • Very economical to install
  • Ten million cycle mechanical life
  • Adjustable operating point
  • Electrical capacity at 250V AC
  • 5 Amps Resistive, 4 Amps Inductive SPDT
  • Approximately 1.8M wire leads stripped and tinned
  • Optional high temperature model- up to 121°C (Standard 79.4°C)
  • U.S. Patent No. 5,446,252

Note* The Thinswitch is designed to fit in the standard gap of imperial ejector plates 0.18″ Thick. Otherwise it may be necessary to mill a small pocket.