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Magnom Clear 5 and 10 Magnetic Water Filters

  • Microscopic particle removal to 0.07um
  • Negligible pressure drop
  • Can be used on pump suction side
  • No wash-off ferrous particles
  • Large storage capacity
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Magnom Clear 5 and 10 Magnetic Water Filters

The Clear 5 and Clear 10 are brass headed units that feature a clear bowl for easy condition monitoring.

The unique design of the Magnom core technology enables the monitoring of contaminant build up even with opaque fluids.


Invotec Magnom Benefits and Technical

Invotec Magnom Clear 5 & 10 Data Sheets

Connection: 1″BSPP

Models:  HT5 or HT10

Collector Plates: Steel/Zinc or Stainless Steel

Magnom Clear 5 & 10

The Nylon 12 bowl material allows the Clear 5 to be used in a wide range of temperatures and helps to produce a unit of great versatility. The Clear 5 can also be specified to incorporate stainless steel plates making it ideal for more aqueous applications.

Special Features and Benefits

The clear Nylon 12 bowl allows for easy condition monitoring.

The units are available with stainless steel flux plates. When combined with the brass head and nylon bowl, these units are ideal for water environments.

The temperature and pressure capability make the Clear 5 & 10 a versatile unit, often used in applications such as moulding machines, machine tool coolant and wash systems.