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Herzog Needle Type E (Elastomers) Shut Off Nozzle – Pneumatic Actuation

  • No vulcanisation in the nozzle
  • Controlled, clean shut-off of the melt stream.
  • Applicable with hot mould plate and also cold channel systems
  • Operating pressure 2500bar
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Herzog Needle Type E (Elastomers) Shut Off Nozzle – Pneumatic Actuation

The field of application for the E-Nozzle is primarily LSR (Liquid Silicon Rubber).

Download (PDF) : Type E Brochure

Download (PDF): Type E Installations & Service Manual.

In this nozzle’s favour are:

  • Targeted cooling or heating over the whole nozzle, i.e. tempering until the interface of nozzle-mould
  • Compact concept
  • Flexible connecting parts (tip, adapter)

There are multiple fields of LSR applications and is rising in importance. LSR moulded parts are frequently observed in the automobile industry, home and sport components, pharmaceuticals, medicine and electronic industries.


The Herzog® E-Nozzle shows a very compact design.

A 2-way pneumatic cylinder controls the shut-off mechanism- while the integrated cooling system, which goes up to the nozzle tip, ensures functional and reliable processing.

The materials chosen in the production of the E-Nozzle are highly corrosion resistant.


  • Vulcanization of silicone in the nozzle
  • Air pockets during screw retraction
  • Material leakage when dosing with a withdrawn injection unit
  • Material leakage while vertically injecting

Supported process control:

  • Actuator piston position sensors (indicates if nozzle is ‘open’ or ‘closed’

Productivity factors:

  • Controlled, clean shut-off of the melt stream
  • No vulcanisation in the nozzle
  • Increased process reliability and repeatability
  • Add-on capability (on tool side)


  • Process monitoring with piston position sensors on the actuator