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Cartridge Heaters – Standard ad Bespoke Sizes

  • Flexible leads from inside in standard models.
  • 250mm/1000mm Fiberglass/Silicone leads.
  • TIG welded stainless tube.
  • Many configurations
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Cartridge Heaters – Standard ad Bespoke Sizes

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We offer cartridge heaters in round, square, rectangle profiles including for die-casting moulding applications.

Typically, our standard cartridge heaters construction are used for temperature ratings of 300-500°C.

The high-density range of cartridge heaters have a form of construction that allow these heating elements to be used in adverse conditions, such as vibration and high temperatures environments that can reach over 500 ° on the surface of the cartridge.

We offer a large range of sizes both metric and imperial and many sealing and cable insulation options.

Cartridge heaters can also be supplied with built-in thermocouples. Where a built-in thermocouple is not used, we recommend the maximum measurement point for your sensor is not more than 15mm away from the cartridge heater.

We also offer a range of cartridge heater that are commonly used in in die-cast moulding which require a specific outer profile. (Zamak)

Feature & Benefits:

  • Flexible leads from inside in standard models. (See lead options)
  • 250mm Fiberglass/Silicone leads in standard models.
  • 1000mm Fiberglass/Silicone leads (with thermocouple FeCu / Ni (J), PTFE insulation), standard models.
  • TIG welded stainless tube.
  • Core and insulation compacted magnesium oxide.
  • Flexible fibre glass insulated nickel wires from inside (standard models).

Standard Sizes:

6.5mm to 20mm but we can also off 3mm to 25mm
1/8” to ¾”

Connection Options:

Ceramic caps (standard), Cement filled, moisture resistant, gas and watertight designs.
Fibreglass/silicone leads (standard)
Double insulated
No insulation – solid wire out
Ceramic beads
Armoured protection
And more…

Thermocouple Options:

Type J (Fe Cu Ni) Standard, Type K (Ni Cr Ni), Type T (Cu Cu Ni) or PT-100 Sensor.
Base thermocouple isolated (standard)
Base thermocouple – grounded
Centred and isolated

Please contact us for more information or use our on-line enquiry form.