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Athena RMC Modules

  • RMC Single Zone Module (With MODBUS Communications)
  • 15A Per Zone
  • Full PID Control
  • Current Monitoring
  • Compatible with all D-M-E Company’s G Series™ and Smart Series™, Yudo™, and Incoe™ brand mainframes
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The RMC module – Add Communication

The Athena Series RMC brings new and highly productive benefits to injection moulders looking for a modular hot runner controller that’s flexible, easy to set up, and simple to operate.

Using the popular Modbus® communications protocol, the next-generation RMC gives users the ability to set or change all zones, either remotely from a desktop computer, from a Palm® handheld device, or (with the ALL command) from any other individual RMC module in the mainframe.

RMA, IMP, RMB and RMC controllers are fully interchangeable with each other and many other modular units supplied into the market by other manufacturers.

Download: RMC-Data-Sheet
Download: RMC-User-Manual
Download: Hot-Runner-Controllers-Brochure 4.4MB


  • Compatible with all D-M-E Company’s™ G SERIES and SMART SERIES®, ITC, MCS, Yudo®, and Incoe® brand mainframes.
  • Choice of three default modes for open thermocouple condition
  • Built-in triac safety protection
  • Accepts J or K thermocouple input (jumper selectable)
  • SafeChange TM circuit ‘hot swap’ feature allows safe removal and replacement of modules
  • Compu-Step® bakeout feature prevents moisture at start up
  • Built-in loop break, short, open, and reverse thermocouple protection
  • Boost mode for temporary % of power output increase
  • Ground-fault protection
  • Adjustable setpoint limits
  • Stores highest temperature detected
  • Current monitor feature displays average current to load
  • CE – compliant

Controllers can be purchased individually but for new systems a control cabinet, power and thermocouple cables will need to be specified. Please contact us to purchase modules or to find out about our complete package deals.