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2″ (NPT) TACO 4900 Series Water-Air Separator

  • 2" NPT Only (Adaptors Available)
  • Removes Air From Water
  • Use With Our SWAP Valve
  • Use With Closed Loop Systems
More Information SKU: BB-WS-SPV-49-200

Selected Item Ref : BB-WS-SPV-49-200

£315.00 £378.00 - Inc VAT + Vat

£315.00 £378.00 - Inc VAT + Vat

£315.00378.00 - Inc. Vat

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The TACO 4900 Series Air Separator is designed for the complete elimination of air from closed loop water circulating systems.

2″ NPT Threads Only

We recommend to site the Taco valve 3-4m away from mould tool in the return line.

Recommended for use with SMARTFLOW SWAP Valve in a closed loop cooling water system.

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Small air bubbles and micro-bubbles adhere to surfaces on pall rings in the water path and join together to form larger air bubbles.

The combined bubbles travel up through the water and into the conical air chamber to be released by the vent at the top.

ModelA (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Weight (Kg)
1" NPT1391711112
2" NPT1692141312.7

Technical Details:

Connection Sizes: 1″ & 2″NPT(F)
Housing Material: Brass
Pall Ring Material: Stainless Steel
Venting Unit Materials: Stainless Steel ,EPDM, Viton, Engineered Plastics
Operating Pressure Max.: 150psi (10bar)
Operating Temperature Max.: 115°C
Operating Temperature Min.: -4°C
Media: Water or Water/Glycol
Max. Velocity: 5ft/sec