Why Choose a Herzog® Shut-Off Nozzle ?

Within the injection moulding industry today, it has become gradually more important that only components of the highest quality can ensure a reliable process. The continual advancement of material properties such as; developments in flame retardants and weight saving agents are placing ever increasing demands on mechanical components.

You need to know you can count on a trustworthy partner to help your process run smoothly.

What are the Herzog® advantages?

  • Over 40 years experience designing and manufacturing customer specific solutions
  • Consistently the brand which OEMs and processors choose for reliability, quality and performance
  • The largest range of powered / controllable and spring operated shut-off nozzles for all injection molding applications
  • The only company which focuses solely on shut-off nozzle development
  • Shut-off nozzle solutions for special processes such as melt pre-compression, gas injection, physical foaming, liquid silicone rubber, etc.
  • Focus on close customer proximity with subsidiary sales & service centers in Switzerland, in the USA and in China as well as representation in over 20 countries worldwide
  • Nozzle design, engineering and manufacture as our focus
  • Product development and design to meet current demand profiles
  • Construction and material selection designed for optimum processing parameters
  • Short reaction times (delivery from stock in most cases)
  • Servicing / cleaning service available

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Reasons for Using a Shut-Off Nozzle 


  • Dosing with retracted injection units
  • High-speed unit, very short cycle times, mould/nozzle heat exchange
  • Multi-component injection
  • Vertical injection process
  • Mould decompression with suck back - Air pocket prevention
  • Special applications (GIT, MuCell and others) Filter, thermal conduction and mixer applications

Industries / Applications

  • Packaging industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Medical technology
  • Electrical engineering Engineering plastics
  • Sports equipment, outdoor

Productivity factors

  • Material saving by eliminating drooling, stringing, leakage
  • Reduction in waste
  • Reduction in cycle times
  • Process, environmental and safety aspects
  • Preventing breakdowns in hot-runner applications while using filters
  • Homogenisation improvement with back pressure and mixers

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