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The Worlds Smallest Shut Off  - The mini shut off tip allows you to convert from open nozzle to shut-off nozzle in seconds.

Eliminate the need for Melt Decompression, no more stringing or drooling, the mini shot-off creates consistant products freeing up your time amd maximising profits.  Discover the mini shut-off here

New - Our Dr Eddy flow meter will save you money.

Not just a flowmeter, but a tool to help conserve cooling water resources.

In moulding applications, many mould operators try to maximize the flow of water through their cooling systems to ensure turbulent flow. Doing so increases energy costs for pumping more water than necessary through the system...Literally money down the drain

Duoflow Manifolds are robust extruded aluminium manifolds similar to the original Smartflow
one-piece design. The manifolds are divided internally and anodized for long term

The Duoflow design is available with standard port spacing or a shorter footprint specifically for
mounting directly to an injection mould more

Significantly reduce your energy costs with Invotec Insulation Jackets plus offer employees greater protection from dangerous high temperatures all with super fast payback.

With the continual rise in energy costs and the need to offer employees the best health and safety protection Barrel Insulation Jackets are becoming the a priority purchase for more and more processors of polymer components...more

Invotec Solutions Limited have been awarded Export Distributor of the Year 2010 by Burger and Brown Engineering Inc. for sales of our Smartflow Products.

Invotec distribute the full Smartflow range through a European network of 14 distributors which continues to grow year on year. Please click here to discover the Smartflow range

Our thanks go to all our existing distributors and customers - Thank you for your support