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The Seltek Range Of Standard Steel Workbenches

Do you want to purchase standard workbenches for your business? Seltek Warehouse is a division of Invotec Solutions Limited, that supplies a full range of warehouse equipment for businesses. All of our supplies have a proven track record for demonstrating high-quality products and acceptable delivery times.


Seltek Warehouse is a true B2B supplier, and we are proud that our customers put trust in us to provide quality goods and services. We have over 2000 products listed on our website, that includes mobile steps, storage equipment, warehouse equipment and material handling solutions.

Our steel framed standard workbenches are available as 300kg or 450kg models, with fixed or adjustable square frames or cantilever construction. We have a choice of worktop materials, that includes MDF, vinyl, laminate, steel and stainless steel. Fully configured workbenches are available, or you can configure the workbench yourself. You have the option for drawers, cupboards, shelving, computer mounting, rear panels, lighting and much more. The standard workbenches have all been designed and manufactured in the UK, from top suppliers. If you want to see our range of heavy and extra heavy workbenches, you can visit our Standard Workbenches page.

Rather than having our own impersonal call centre for customer service, we have a real, experienced customer support team, many of whom are trained engineers. These advisors have knowledge of all our products, and can talk you through an idea or expand on a specification. Although we do gain sales through our website, over 50% of our sales are generated through our customer support team.

We understand that for many businesses its not simple to click and purchase standard workbenches by card. Businesses may require approval for a capital purchase, ask for credit terms or another payment method. With Seltek Warehouse, you can make a payment by card, a 30-day credit account or by requesting a proforma invoice.

Do you want to buy standard workbenches for your business? Contact Seltek Warehouse. Call us on +44 (0) 1908 320 731 or you can enter all relevant information into the required fields of our Contact Form, and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.