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Floor Cable Covers

If you are trying to find an exceptional floor cable cover to purchase, please feel free to visit the Seltek Warehouse website today. We are a committed business, that is a division of Invotec Solutions Limited. Supplying thousands of products, we have a solution for most areas of your business and many products can be manufactured to your own specification – so make sure you contact a member of our outstanding customer service team today.

One of the most popular variants of floor cable covers we have available is the Yellow Jacket 3 Channel Heavy Duty Cable and Hose Protector. This innovative design has been created by Yellow Jacket, the largest manufacturer of cable protectors in the world, who have featured a patented modular, interlocking configuration that can be customised to accommodate any number of cables. It is the ideal system to be used in the events industry, oil and gas applications, mining, military, and other industrial environments with heavy trucks and forklifts – mostly because of the very effective interlocking design. The hinged lid provides a safer crossing for vehicles and pedestrian traffic while protecting valuable electrical cables and hose lines from damage in extreme weather conditions and work environments.

All of the products across our website have been chosen based on the suppliers having a proven track record of demonstrating quality products and acceptable delivery times. Using a Polyurethane floor cable cover, rather than rubber, can be incredibly beneficial – as this material is up to 75% lighter, easier to handle and less costly to ship. The product is also manufactured in the USA and meets all regulatory requirements, with a superior load bearing capacity and better oil, chemical, fuel and lubricant resistance.

Here at Seltek Warehouse, not only is the work we carry out first-class, but our customer service is also a highly appreciated aspect of our business. We focus our attention heavily on customer advocacy, where we aim to leave every client 100% satisfied by delivering only honest and reliable information, ensuring that all clients are familiarised with our work – as part of our excellent customer service guarantee.

Would you like to purchase a floor cable cover? The Seltek Warehouse website is where you need to be. You can also contact a member of our excellent customer service team and you can place an order over the phone. Either give us a call on +44 (0) 1908 320 731 or fill in the contact form on our website. Fill in all the relevant information required and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss how we can best meet your requirements.