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A Breakdown Of The Different Types Of Pallet Trucks

To the uninitiated few, pallet trucks may all appear to look the same, and perform the same duty. However, for anyone that has been in this industry for any length of time, there are certain functions that are specific to different models. Here at Seltek Warehouse, we are well-acquainted in the supply of warehouse wares. As such, we are pleased to be able to offer a brief education on all the variations there are of pallet trucks. Not only this, but we can advise on which is best-suited to certain activities.

Hand Pallet Truck

When it comes to buying economic pallet trucks online, one of the most basic, yet competent, is the hand pallet truck. Best-suited to being used by companies that are in either pharmaceutical, or food and drink, industries, these can be used for various types of applications. If you are someone that is operating on a strict budget, and simply needs some assistance when it comes to transporting light goods, this is the product for you.

Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

For anyone that works off of the beaten track, you need not look past a rough terrain pallet truck. These units come equipped with thicker tyres, allowing them to traverse land which is inaccessible to inferior vehicles. They also possess a very large fork length, once again in the name of promoting convenience. If you are spending many hours on construction yards, or are looking for assistance on the farm, you would be wise to invest in one of these.

Special Pallet Truck

If your needs have not been met by either of the aforementioned products, it could be that you are in need of a special pallet truck. These bespoke units are tailor-made to suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for a superior load capacity to that which is offered by other models, or need a unit that can provide high-lifting, you can be sure that requirements will be fulfilled efficiently and effectively.

Powered Pallet Truck

Finally, for those that have a huge number of products that need to be moved, there is the range of powered pallet trucks. Available as both manual and electric, these models are able to tackle tasks that others are ill-suited to. There are also options for customisation with these, should you require a unit that can deal with stainless steel construction.

Why Seltek Warehouse?

Here at Seltek Warehouse, we have cultivated a reputation over the years, for being a supplier of premium goods, such as cost-effective heavy duty pallet trucks, this is not our sole speciality. When you come to us, you have the opportunity to enjoy the attention of first-class customer service representatives. They are dedicated to providing incoming queries with a response which is informative and timely.

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