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Duoflow Aluminium Manifolds

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Duoflow Aluminium Manifolds

NEW SMARTFLOW® DUOFLOW™ Manifolds are robust extruded aluminium manifolds similar to the original Smartflow one-piece design.

The manifolds are divided internally and anodized half red and half blue to denote supply and return on a single manifold. No end plug is needed. 

The Duoflow design provides a shorter footprint specifically for mounting a manifold directly to an injection mould, or where space is limited. Port spacing is narrow for installation of hose barbs or quick disconnect fittings only. Ball valves are not recommended.

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Tool change time is significantly decreased by mounting manifolds directly to moulds in storage.

Water hookup is simplified to "Supply" and "Return" lines versus individual water lines for every circuit.

  • Shorter Length for easier mounting directly to injection molds

  • Anodized for corrosion resistance

  • Various port sizes available

  • Mould-Mount to speed mould changes

  • Pre-drilled mounting holes and screws

  • Economical, Proven Design for reliability

  • Standard items in stock - custom items available

  • Optional Quick Disconnect Fittings for convenience and ease of installation

  • Custom Configurations

    You can order any aluminium manifold and alter length, port sizes and location to suit your own application.  We also offer differnet colours of anodization.



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