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Smartflow Flow Meters

Smartflow Flow Meters

Smartflow® mechanical flowmeters are durable, vane operated devices that provide visual indication of flow rate in many different styles and sizes. Rugged wetted parts are compatible with many process liquids.

TRACER® Electronic Flowmeter With Flow Characteristic Indicator (FCI) measures liquid flow rate, temperature and Turbulent Flow. The highly-visible display is configured via the sealed push buttons and user-friendly menus and the switching tracer outputs 0-5 and 0-10 Vdc for connectioon to auxillery equipment.

Dr. Eddy® Featuring Fluid Characteristic Indication (FCI) Technology uses FCI Technology, Dr. Eddy displays the condition of the water as it relates to flow efficiency: laminar flow, transient flow, or turbulent flow.

1/2" and 1" Hot Oil Flowmeters. Smartflow® hot oil flowmeters are durable, vane-operated devices that provide visual indication of flow rate in gallons per minute