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Invotec Mixing Nozzles

Invotec Mixing Nozzles

The Invotec ISG style static mixer offers exceptional mixing qualities for a very low investment.  Consisting of 5-6 mixing segments located in the nozzle body each segments has 4 flow paths machined at oblique angles.  Now manufactured from 416 Stainless Steel which is also hardened to 40 Rockwell (Hrc) ensuring the best balance of toughness and corrosion resistance.

The Stamixco mixing nozzle really does mean "More Melt Flow - Beter Cash Flow" these superior mixers   contains 8 very efficient static mixing elements that homogenize the polymer melt during injection.  The mixing elements are virtually indestructible and create a low pressure drop (30 to 50% lower than other standard products).

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