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Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Microscopic ferrous particles damage industrial fluid systems & degrade finished products. Magnom™ Magnetic Filters are the solution to ferrous contamination of industrial fluids.

Magnom™ filters fluids: fuels, lubricants, hydraulics, transmission & cooling fluids, cutting oils & water

Magnom™ works at high or low pressures, temperatures, viscosity, flow rates & vibration levels.

Magnom™ supports all operating regimes: 'fit & forget' for closed systems, extended cleaning cycle, or easy access for machine tools making kilograms of waste each day.

Magnom™ supersedes all magnetic filters. Magnom™ compliments & in some cases replaces conventional barrier filters with pre & post or stand-alone filtration.

The Magnom™ Magnetic Filter enhances performance & saves money.

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